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  National Fitness Path
  Fitness equipment
  Basketball goal
  Table tennis tables
  Track and field supplies
  Leisure chair
Add:Industrial Park 2,Chuan-Chang,Columns,Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province
Zip Code:321305
Contact Person:MR.Zhou
Email:     jl@jiaolongcn.com     sales01@jiaolongcn.com     sales02@jiaolongcn.com
  Zhejiang Province Minjian Stylesupp Co., Ltd. Founded in 1988 with the (formerly Zhejiang Province Yongkang Jiaolong Stylesupp Co., Ltd.), located in the China Science and Technology Hardware City - Zhejiang Yongkang, State Road 330, the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, which runs through Jinliwen highway, traffic Facilitation, and information developed.
  Company specializing in the production of "dragon" table-tennis tables, basketball goal, the path to fitness and other sports culture, the existing plant area of more than 5000 square meters, more than 200 million of fixed assets, plus a total annual production capacity of 10,000,000 yuan, Is ISO-9001-2000 quality system certification, China's product quality assurance in the light center rest assured that the quality of national standards for products eligible for free 800 telephone inquiries - 828531
     Use spray technology, sophisticated work, the production of products not only look beautiful, diverse species, and reliable quality, we have the spirit of "quality first, customers first" purpose, to win the trust of a wide range of customers, products exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia , And other parts of the world.
  Welcome friends from all walks of life here at home and abroad, guidance and patronage.
Copyright: Zhejiang Province Minjian Stylesupp Co., Ltd.